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Thanksgiving Traditions

A somewhat common tradition I have found for celebrating Thanksgiving is the Circle of Thanks. Katelyn Milligan spends her holidays with her extended family every year. "There is a large group of us, and we gather at my grandmother's house," she informed me. Before every meal, they come together around the table and list one of the greatest things they are thankful for this year. Sometimes, the list includes small things such as a good day at work, and sometimes the list covers blessings such as a new addition to the family. "No matter what is said, there is always this feeling of gratefulness," she recalls.

My family does not necessarily gather in the same manner as Katelyn's. We discuss some of the blessings of the year while enjoying the food. Prior to eating, my dad leads us in a prayer. With the food comes the conversation. We talk about what going well, things that have taken us by surprise this year, and what we are looking forward to for the next year.

Bethany Barnes, a North Carolina native, says her family's traditions are "somewhat traditional, when you really think about it." By that she went on to explain how her step-father hunts their harvest turkey every year. In a sense, it can be considered a more traditional practice than most. They do talk about what they have been blessed with over the past year, but what makes their celebration more unique is how the food gets to the table.

The bottom line is that in between the food and football, take some time to catch up with your family and friends. Make a call to your relatives or an old friend. And if you have some time, get off the couch. My nephew and neice love to go out in the yard and play quick games of touch football or even keep-away when they were younger. If the weather isn't the greatest, playing cards or board games can be a fun way to wait for the food or relax after the meal has come to an end. JEveryone should just take time to enjoy the holiday in whatever ways they can.

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