Holiday Harvest:

My Thanksgiving

Every year my family gathers at my parents' house. We all come with our appetites ready for the unveiling of the food.

Our holidays are timed out. Typically everyone begins arriving around noon. We all take pictures and watch football. The afternoon starts off slowly. However, that level of calm changes drastically as soon as my mother announces that the food is ready. It's almost as if someone switches on a light switch. Everyone's excitement just suddenly appears, almost as if we were all secretly waiting for that single moment since we arrived.

We like to say the holiday is all about togetherness and bonding, but in reality that can usually take a back seat to the food. My neice always says, "if the food is good, the bonding will come." She is usually right in that assumption. Once the food in revealed, it's like non-stop conversation from that point on.

"Eating on Thanksgiving is like running a marathon you haven't prepared for," my brother jokes. Every year we load up the plates full of every possible item imaginable, all the while thinking "of course I can eat all this." Half way through the process, the realization hits us. "What were we thinking?" No matter what though, we have fun reaching that realization.

My Personal Thanksgiving Photo Album