Chef Interviews: Tips from the pros

John Pelfrey and Ella Chancy

In order to learn everything about chocolate chip cookies, I turned to two professionals in the field of food-making.

I interviewed two people who have made all kinds of different meals over the years as their profession. Chefs Ella Chancy and John Pelfrey Jr. were glad to take some time out of their kitchen and answer some questions about the much loved dessert of chocolate chip cookies.

Ella and John aren't just any ordinary chefs either. They're related! Ella is John's mother and she raised him with her delicious homemade meals. Now he has turned to the cooking profession just like his mom and has been doing well for himself.

Both love chocolate chip cookies and have made them from scratch on dozens of occasions. In their interviews, they give out wonderful and very handy baking tips on how to make the best chocolate chip cookies.

Interview with Ella Chancy

Interview with John Pelfrey Jr.