Chef John Pelfrey
Full Name: Johnny Dale Pelfrey Jr.
Age: 19
Previous Work History: Gainesville Golf & Country Club, Baker at Hillel, Sushi Chef at Bento, Executive chef at Skyy Night Club
Favorite Food to Cook: Asian cuisine
Favorite Food to Eat: Bulgogi

Steps to make great chocolate chip cookies

Lessons by John Pelfrey

  1. Mix your dry ingredients first (flour, cornstarch, etc.) Then mix the liquids.
  2. Bake on a low temperature. It's better to go low and slow then on a high temperature where you might burn the cookies.
  3. Just follow the recipe. After your first couple of tries, try tweaking the recipe around until you find your preferred cookie taste.

Tips for Baking

Baking is a precise process. Mixing ingredients is much like mixing chemicals. Chemistry was created in a kitchen, after all.

Don't be afraid to add a flavor. Lavender is subtle and can cut down on other tastes like vanilla. Ginger and chocolate are more powerful tastes.

Eggs are like glue in baking. It helps the other ingredients stick together to make something solid. Vanilla moistens the food up. Too much egg will make a rock. Too much vanilla will make a sponge.

Shift all powders, especially the flour. This helps get rid of clumps in your cookies and cakes.

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