Prepare for the road Ahead

Securing your Future...


By this point you should be confirming your eligibility for the internship of your choice. It's time to submit your resume and cover letter to the internships that interest you. It is imperative for students to remember to send an original copy of their resume and cover letter to the company they are applying for unless the company says otherwise. After you receive a call verifying the date of your interview, you must prepare yourself. The competition scale has changed drastically; you are no longer competing with your classmates but competing with people around the world. Internships are a huge contributor to your ultimate success in the work force. Go into the interview with an abundance of confidence and flare to captivate your future employers. Realize that obtaining an internship is a great opportunity that can truly benefit a student in the long haul. Show the employer that you are an asset to their company.

Stay Cool..

Stay Calm

Maintain your composure during the interview, and avoid coming off as arrogant. Demonstrate how much you know about the company your applying for, however try not to come off as a "know it all." Employers love to see that people have researched their company. By elaborating on the info you know about the company during the interview will reveal your dedication for the job. When asked a question about your career history remember to keep your answers short and simple. Try not to bore the employers with technical language that may confuse them.

Quick Tips...

  • Create a professional outlook for yourself, dress in business attire. If you don't own business attire please go out and purchase the appropriate apparel.
  • Bring an extra copy of your resume/ cover letter to the interview.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the interview.
  • Hold strong eye contact and have a firm handshake.
  • Prove that you are an asset to the company.
  • Maintain your composure, & remember to keep your questions to a minimum.

Advice from a fellow classmate... Senior Jameela Barksdale

"Applying for internships is a short route to success for many college students. Many fail to realize that the more internships you partake in the higher your chances are of being hired in the future. My only advice to students who want to climb the corporate ladder is to follow your dreams and take full advantage of the opportunties given to you. Because hands on experience can make all the difference when you are searching for a job in your career field."