Start early and Plan Ahead

Don't Waste Time.. Plan Ahead!!

It's time to start the search for internships; utilize all materials that are at your disposal. You can start your search by browsing through local business ads or using the UF search engine. The UF search engine is a vital tool that provides a variety of internships for all majors.The process is quite convenient,just visit the University of Florida's official homepage which is The UF homepage offers a vast number of internships, many students start their search there.

Another way to find out useful information on internships is to check with your Academic Advisor. During the process of looking for internships make sure you are eligible for them and that you are able to meet all requirements. Internship requirements frequently change depending on which college a student is affiliated with. For example, the University of Florida expects any student under the College of Liberal Arts applying for an internship be enrolled, and registered for courses without having any holds on their record. A procedure has to be carried out if the employer stats that academic credit is a condition of the internship. For students to apply for credits at UF they are required to have a letter from the employer formally outlining the nature of the internship. Credit applications are all processed and sent to The Department Internship Coordinator that must approve them. Without the proper approval of the internship credit the student will not receive any academic credit.

Stay Orgainized

Be sure to explore all your options...

  • Arrange a meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss internship opportunities through your major.
  • Make a list of internships that interests you.
  • Review all internship requirements thoroughly, not all internships require the same materials or expertise.
  • Use the official UF homepage, to look up more possible internships

Planing for Your Future

Students Gain A lot...

A student's confidence level climbs the charts with the more internships they participate in. The more internships a student applies for the more confidence they gain about themselves. Confidence can be a valuable tool to use in acquiring future employment. Many people are unaware that building up confidence is just as beneficial as beefing up your portfolio. Without confidence in oneself an individual cannot truly prosper or reach success. The more confidence a person has the better their chances are of obtaining a job, because confidence means you will take a little more time in presenting yourself to the employer.

After learning skills that's offered through internships a student will have the confidence of a person who has been in their field for many years, accompanied with great references, a number of volunteer services, along with an outstanding cover letter. There is no way you can lose! My advice to aspriring students is to plan ahead and gather as much information about internships that is humanly possible. The more knowledgeable you are about how to apply for internships the higher your chances are of obtaining one.