Create a Proffessional Outlook

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At the office

Internships are essential mainly because they force students to be more responsible and outgoing. It’s a rigorous process to apply for internships and an even harder task to keep one. Many students fail to realize that the hard work doesn’t come to a halt once they’ve obtained an internship, but that it’s just the beginning. Students must remember to never lose focus on the goals they are trying to accomplish. Your only objective is to gain hands on experience through the internship and build up your portfolio. Students have to quickly realize that internships should be taken seriously. There isn’t time to play around or mingle with other co-workers. Dedication, persistence and hard work can take you a very long way, remember where you want to end up in your career field. Fully adapt to the work environment and learn as much as you can about the industry you’re interested in. Internships are beneficial in a variety of ways because they teach students all of these qualities which are key survival traits to staying on top of the labor pool. Failure to complete any assignments at the company will result in your immediate removal from the internship, so don’t screw up!

  • Arrive at internship 15 minutes early, show the company you want to be there
  • Never refuse a task given to you by the employer, demonstrate flexibility at all times.
  • Avoid going over the average break time. If it’s only a 30 minute break be back at work 5 minutes before time is up.
  • Do not generate laziness at the work environment. Never procrastinate on completing assignments given to you.
  • Leave your cell phone in the car to avoid distractions at work.
  • On occasion stay later than required to forge business connections, but do not come off as too desperate because that is the quickest way to get dismissed.
  • Key Essentials

    Be Efficient at all Times

    After you’ve completed the internship a student must turn in their paper work for evaluation. Yes, that does happen with internships as well. If the student does not have a good evaluation then that could be a potential problem for the student and the University. When the student is given the opportunity to participate in an internship he or she does not only represent themselves but the school also. If the student receives a bad evaluation then that company may be hesitant to let another student from the University of Florida try and obtain another internship.

    The University of Florida has a name and a reputation to uphold so when the evaluation gets back to the school UF has a right to take the appropriate actions, that could be anywhere from expelling the student or simply not allowing that student to have any more chances at internships. This also depends on how severe the evaluation was, comments that the employer had said can make all the difference. If the company feels as though it was very severe then they have a right to take the appropriate actions and inform the University. The confidential paper that the student signs either during the orientation process or on the first day of interning says all of this. Please read and understand the rights that you have as an intern and the rights of the company. Failure to abide by the rules can get the student’s internship terminated. Certain colleges at the University of Florida require the student to write a paper discussing their internship experience. This paper may be in essay form and is a vital piece of information for future references. The student is to answer certain questions, that each college requires and the student must type and turn in the paper to the appropriate dean.