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There are a great number of ways for college students to achieve academic excellence that will ultimately lead to obtaining a high paying job. The best opportunity for any student to take advantage of would be to apply for an internship. This website was created to help students smoothly transition through the process of applying for an internship. Nothing can compare to hands on experience that internships provide for students. Internships are beneficial to college students mainly because it forces them to branch out independently. Students have to quickly learn how to take on new responsibility, how to adapt to the work environment, and most importantly remain calm under extreme amounts of pressure.

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Applyingfor an internship can make all the difference. Attending college isn’t all about being stuck inside a classroom all day, but to actually learn how to secure a job after graduation. Internships are a sure way for students to broaden their horizons while shaping them into marketable individuals for employment. Securing an internship in a particular field or major means that students have the chance of a lifetime to figure out whether or not their major is for them. Opportunities given through internships are truly limitless and should never be taken for granted.

Check Students who participate in internships learn different of skills such as problem solving, flexibility, multi-task, and the ability to work well under extreme amounts of pressure. If a student can handle the responsibility and the work load of an internship, they have a much higher chance of reaching success at a full time employment position. On the other hand, whoever cracks under pressure and cannot handle the high expectations of an internship will eventually face challenges in the future when trying to land a job. Internships are made to not only help students’ gain credentials but to test their will power and endurance. The work place can be a little unpredictable at times and you must always be prepared to follow through on your responsibilities in order to maintain your internship. Through internships students are free to build connections and have access to networking opportunities. By successfully meeting new people in the labor pool, forging business relationships can enhance your chances of obtaining a future career in the field of your choice.

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Afterstudents complete their internship and have acquired some hands on experience they have the opportunity to publish their written experiences at the Career Resource Center (CRC). In doing so, students can share their internship experiences with the rest of the student body housed here at the University of Florida. With the approval of your written internship experiences they appear in the CRC monthly newsletter on a monthly basis. Taking full advantage of the opportunities to gain hands on experience through internships will allow students a better chance of landing a job after graduation. Upper classmen who are approaching graduation are going to want a jump start on finding employment. The transition of finding a job goes much smoother after obtaining a few internships. Students who are interested in finding employment can always visit the Statewide Job Fair hosted by Florida Career Centers. Avoid waiting until the last minute to check this out, the event only comes around each spring.