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The competition for securing a job in America has tripled in numbers over the past couple of years. Upon graduation, students dive into the real world only hoping to become employed. Obtaining a college degree is the first accomplishment that should be listed on your resume and everything that follows should be your experience in the field of interest. Internships contribute to your ultimate success in the work force. By having internships listed on your resume and elaborated on in your cover letter allows you to gain some attention from future employers. Students must realize that gaining hands on experience during your college years can be the icebreaker for a future career. Employers pay closer attention to applicants who have more experience and are more likely to hire them. In this modern day and time itís what you know and who you know that makes a difference in the job market. By providing your future employer with a vast list of internships youíve done, accompanied by volunteer work and leadership positions illustrate that you are an ambitious person.

The following sections will discuss the process of how to apply for an internship of your field of interest. Students must be aware of the requirements at the University of Florida. Each individual college here on campus varies in their requirements for students to be eligible for internships. The beginning process of applying for an internship is to start on your resume and cover letter. If you donít have a resume or cover letter this would be the perfect time to create one. Make sure that your resume and cover letter correlates with the internship that you plan on applying for. Omit using any unnecessary job titles or positions that will seem futile to your future employer. After completing your resume and cover letter have a new set of eyes look over everything to find mistakes. Perhaps a faculty member of your choice could look over your materials; other people can find mistakes quicker than you ever can.

Make a list of all your current job positions ranging from the last two years. Be sure to entail all duties on your resume that you carried out for each individual job. The more descriptive you are in your resume the better off you will be during an interview. Employers love to learn as much about a potential employee as possible. To make this process easy I would advise you to choose a template from Microsift Publisher for the format of your resume. That way you can have a laid out structure and have the option to make alterations if you like. People make the mistake to sometimes drift off when writing their cover letter. It's imperative that the basis of your cover letter dulvuge your entire career. It's as if your selling yourself to the company at hand, make them feel like they NEED YOU as an employee. You must remember to avoid drifting off track, stay focused on the internship you are applying for. Before turning in the official cover letter and resume make sure to take it somewhere it can be professionally critiqued, such as the Career Resource Center located at the Reitz Union.

My only expectations for this website is to help students apply for an internship. This site was created to act as a tool for students to utlize at their disposal. Hopefully after reviewing the site the internship process will be much easier to complete. Regardless of how hard it may seem to obtain an internship the pay off is well worth the trouble.

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