Types of Jobs

Work Studies

Work studies are the most common form of employment on college campuses. They are a form of funding your education in case you need extra assistance to pay for classes, books, or housing. The paycheck you earn goes directly towards your debts, and the leftovers are your earnings to keep!Some positions on UF's campus include food services, computer lab monitors, and GatorNights employees.


I currently work at Florida Book Store, Volume I across from UF's campus. We aren't affiliated with the UF book store, and we sell everything from books to endless amounts of Gator gear. When working in retail, you do have to be social in order to meet customers' needs. Also, your co-workers are an important element in the amount of joy you have in working. Be friendly! You make friends, money, and learn real world techniques for your future career.

Food Services

There are also jobs around town in the food industry. There is such a large population of students in Gainesville and such an influx of population during game days that there are many restaurants that need a few helping hands. One major downside to working with food, however, is people are particular. They should be, since you wouldn't want to ingest soemthing unappealing to you when you've paid for it. However, when it comes to a meal, some customers are quick to be harsh and the customer is always right.