Special Dining

The Swamp

Every once in a while, the frequent hang out just isn't enough to satisfy your taste buds. Or, maybe it's a special occasion and you want to have a complete meal in a more formal environment. Whatever the situation, there's still ways of dining out and saving dough at restaurants like The Swamp and Tatu, a sushi bar and grill.

Near campus, there is The Swamp restaurant, a landmark location that holds special get togethers for sporting events, television premieres, or holidays. There is indoor and outdoor dining, a friendly staff, and a wide array of menu items from quesadillas to burgers, salads to sandwiches, as well as a wine and specialty drink list. While still reasonably priced, The Swamp offers a more refined setting than the common on- and off-camous dining.

Archer Road contains the longest stretch of stores and restaurants in Gainesville. After a quick drive or bus ride, there are dozens of restaurants to choose from for dining options. Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse, T.G.I. Friday's, and Carrabba's are amongst the sit-down restaurants located off of Archer Road.


When dining with friends and on a budget, I highly recommend Chili's. Their menu has a wide variety of items that even the pickest eater would be drooling over. They also offer a great deal for friends who are willing to agree on several items and share: 2 for $20.

Here's the 2 for $20 deal: one starter item, two entrees, and one dessert that costs $20 (before tax is applied) and can be split amongst friend. Though the deal is called 2 for $20 so it can be split between two diners, the waiter or waitress can split the check amongst as many patrons as requested. There is an abundant amount of food that doesn't go to waste since someone almost always has room for that last french fry. Plus, your wallet will be as stuffed as you!

Student Tips

"If you're going out to a restaurant that is a little pricey and not for every day eating, try having a half serving. If they don't serve halves, then just eat half of your meal and save the rest for the next day's lunch. You split your money amongst two days and get really great food two days in a row."

-Adam, Sophomore