I've just left my last class of the day and am now walking to work. I have to work until 7:00 tonight, and all day tomorrow due to a football game, however there are still hurdles to overcome. THe movie 'New Moon' has just come out, and my one of my friends is visiting from out of town. There are get togethers, parties, and meals to attend all weekend, so saving money will be difficult but possible


I just had half of a Chipotle Burrito and a drink. It cost $8.01, but the beauty of Chipotle is they have free refills and the burritos are so huge, you can save them for another meal. I think I just found lunch for tomorrow!


Arrived at the Reitz Union for GatorNights! I'm here with several other friends, and we're already having a good time. The movie starts at 9, so beforehand we went and listened to two piano players that were singing pop songs. It was pretty awesome.


Got my free popcorn and free Pepsi, and now we're heading into the auditorium to watch 'Julie and Julia'. I've heard good things, so I'm excited to see the movie. Plus, even if it's terrible, at least it was free!

Total spent so far: $8.01


Just woke up for work. I don't really like breakfast, so I bought a cranberry juice for $1.50 and drank that on my walk. I work until 5:30 tonight, and that's when the real spending comes in!


LUNCH TIME! I've been thinking about this burrito all morning! I also bought a root beer that came out to be $1.06.


Tonight I'm going to see a movie with my friends Luegenia, Kayla, Sweta, and a few other. Luegenia's visiting from out of town so we can all go see the premiere of 'New Moon' this weekend. We've been planning it forever! For dinner, we went to Pita Pit. I had The Local: Kickin' Chicken and I had a coupon for a free drink with my purchase. I spent a total of $6.41 for dinner.

Since Mochi is right next door, we went there for some frozen yogurt. They offer a wide variety of healthy flavors, dozens of toppings, and it's all self-serve! They simply weigh your dish when you're done, and at 45 cents an ounce, you can really get a lot for your money. Also, they were having a canned food drive for Thanksgiving which gave me about 5 free ounces. The total weight was about 9 ounces, so I paid approximately $2.30. SWEET!


We're now waiting for the movie to start. We were all so full from dinner and dessert, we didn;t get concessions. The ticket cost $9.50, which was the most expensive thing thus far, but it's worth it to splurge a little. This movie's going to be great!

Total spent so far: $28.78


Almost done! I live on campus at Yulee hall, and right next door is Broward dining. On the weekends, they have an amazing breakfast buffet with waffles, eggs, cereals, and more. For breakfast, it costs bout $8.00 after tax. I've decided to go here for breakfast and celebrate the weekend by eating as many waffles as possible. See? It IS possible to have a good time on a budget!

Total spent overall: $36.78