Good Eats


If you ask any college student what is most important to their daily life, I can guarantee that "food" will be #2 on their list (#1 would be sleep). Eating healthily and cheaply can seem like a near impossible task. However, there are a few options if you are willing to take a little time to plan.

Consider this: if you were to spend $15 a day on food alone over one semester consisting of approximately 112 days, that totals out to $1680 dollars a semester. When there are birthday dinners, coffee-fueled all-nighters, and game days, that dollar amount definitely balloons to a surprising amount.


Though you can't always stay within a rigid daily budget, there are many locations near campus and in Gainesville that offer great deals to help trim a few extra dollars off of your daily spending. Whether grabbing lunch with a friend or celebrating your 20th birthday, you'll find great deals that meet your needs in almost every restaurant possible!