Every Day Eats


If you are on campus all day and packing a daily lunch takes too much effort, there are many locations in and around campus for you to purchase food. Restaurants such as Cheeburger Cheeburger, Subway, Pollo Tropical and Taco Bell are available at the Reitz Union, and there are several Starbucks that take about ten minutes (or less) to get to. However, many of the campus dining spaces have slightly higher priced food from their off-campus counterparts.

There are also several more restaurants spread around campus, such as the Fresh Food Company and Burger King in the Broward area. The Fresh Food Company offers dinner for $9, and you can eat as much as you like. Also, if you bring a reusable cup to any campus dining, you can receive drink refills for only 99 cents!


If you take a walk north and cross University Avenue, there are also several restaurants that appeal to your stomach and your wallet. At the Buckman Drive-University Avenue intersection, you will find Pita Pit, I <3 New York Pizza, Fritanga Latin Grill, and Relish. These four restaurants offer food fast and at very reasonable prices. For example, I <3 New York Pizza offers 2 cheese slices and a drink for $4.95 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when a regular cheese slice alone runs about $2.25 (though it is always worth every penny).

All throughout the year, people around campus hand out coupon books, such as Gator Greenbacks. These booklets offere many great deals, as well, such as a free drink with the purchase of a meal or even a few bucks off the price. Keep at least one of these booklets in your backpack so that if you venture off campus on an unplanned excursion you'll have a money-saver on hand

Student Tips

"Ask about punch cards or special deals. Many eateries offer a punch card that allows you to earn something for free. If you find a place you like and you know you'll keep returning, ask about a punch card!"

-Devon, Freshman