Since Gainesville is a college town, there are many great ways to have fun while living here. There are a lot of clubs that offer cheap and interesting concerts as well as dance clubs that play loud dance music. Whatever you would like to do in your spare time, there's likely an activity in the area for you.

The biggest form of entertainment in the area however, is football. This season, the Florida Gators have gone 12-0 for an undefeated regular season. The home games at the Swamp draw thousands of people into the city. For students, tickets are relatively cheap at $10 a game, though you must enter a lottery in the summer in order to be eligible, and then you must pay $70 up front for your season tickets. If you're into the college culture or if you just want to go scream loudly amongst a group of 90,000, Gator Football games are for you.


Also, the only sports you have to pay entry for are football and men's basketball games. For any other sports (baseball, softball, soccer, etc), all you need is your Gator1 ID card. The Gator1 card is probably the golden ticket of a UF student. With your Gator1, you are allowed access to the RTS bus system, activites on and around campus, and you can even establish it as a debit card for on- and off-campus purchases.