City Activities


If you choose to be a bit more adventurous and explore the activities available to you by the city of Gainesville, get ready! As discussed in the "Special Dining" section, there are many businesses in Gainesville that are available for a wide array of interests.

The most obvious form of entertainment is going to the movie theater for new releases. The closest theaters are both owned by Regal Cinemas and are located on Newberry Road and SW 35th (within the Archer Road shopping center behind Outback). Tickets for students Sunday-Thursday are $8.50 and $9.50 Friday and Saturday. Though these prices are a little steep, Regal offers a Rewards Card that allows you to accumulate points with ticket and concession purchases. As you collect points, you earn options for free/cheap tickets and food from the concessions. For the theater located on 35th, I have a slightly devious suggestion: there is a dollar store behind the theater that faces Archer Road. If you have a purse or deep pockets and you need a sugar fix for the movie, go to the dollar store and grabs some cheaper candy and beverages. I know, I know, it's not the most oringinal idea, however we're trying to save a buck here!

Gainesville Rock Gym

Another fun activity is rock climbing. The Gainesville Rock Gym offers a wide array of options for beginners, pros, youths, parties, and teams. Located on South Main Street, Gainesville Rock Gym is relatively close to campus and has fairly priced rates. A student day pass only costs $10.50 and a semester pass is $159. Though the equipment rental can add up quickly, for a fun day out and trying something both physically and intellectually stimulating, rock climbing is a fun off-campus activity.

Student Tips

"Try reading Facebook , The Alligator (newspaper), and fliers around campus to see what interesting things are going on in the area. Sometimes you'll find something at a lower price and that's a bit outside the ordinary."

-Chris, Junior