Campus Activities


Whether you live in a dorm on campus or an apartment complex around town, if you are a student attending UF, I highly recommend attending free activities around campus. Some students choose to dismiss college organized events because they think the events will be lame or over-patrolled by university employees. However, within reason, students are left free to enjoy themselves as long as they don't interrupt the natural flow of events. You can craft, listen to live music, watch free movies, and have a genuinely good time if you know where to look and ask the right people to join you.

Recently alternative band Bayside put on a concert courtesy of RUB entertainment. RUB stands for "Reitz Union Board", and their job is to concoct entertaining ideas for students to participate in. They also organize advanced screenings of films that have yet to be released in public theaters


Another student-run organization is Accent. Speakers such as Zach Braff, Brett Ratner, Bob Saget, and the Mythbusters are paid to come to UF and speak to the students in Q&A formats, performances, or showcases. Usually you must acquire a ticket beforehand, but they are free with your Gator1 at the box office located across from the Reitz Union colonnade in the theatre building.

There is also the game room on the bottom floor of the Reitz Union. There are arcade games, bowling, and pool tables all for student use. Though these actvities aren't free, they are rather cheap and for a student that doesn't want to go off campus at night, this is a safe and fun environment. Pool tables, balls and sticks can be rented for $6/hour after 6pm ($3/hr before 6pm) for UF students, and if you divide that amongst friends, it allows for a cheap and enjoyable activity. During GatorNights, bowling for UF students is only $17/hour per lane, and shoes are free!

Student Tips

"When you go to view a movie at the Reitz, don't stop to get food or drinks at the restaurants. The lines are usually long enough you'll miss the beginning of your movie, and there are free drinks AND popcorn right outside the theater. Also, try to get there about 20 minutes or more ahead of time so you get a good seat."

-Megan, Sophomore