Nature: Breathe in the fresh air and delight in the scenery

This is a picture of a bench on Weaver Beach. This is a bench oustide of a dormitory building in the Murphree Area. This is a picture of a girl studying on the Reitz Union North Lawn.

Whether you live on or off campus, the housing areas are a great place to sneak away in between classes. Plenty of benches provide seating and although there will be movement outside from students coming in and out, an iPod should shield you from most of the noise. Weaver Beach is a great location for a picnic when the North Lawn and Plaza of the Americas are too crowded. The Murphree area is almost hidden in a nice nook between a handful of buildings. The perfect spot to catch up on some reading or just relax.

This is a picture of the Plaza of the Americas

Some days, nothing beats grabbing a Subway sandwich to eat on the Reitz Union North Lawn before lying down for an afternoon snooze on the soft grass. This area is not too crowded, with only a couple groups of people spotting the landscape usually. This is the ideal spot to reawaken your imagination and make objects out of the clouds.

The Plaza of the Americas is another classic lounge area on campus. Stay aware during lunch time because throngs of people rush to the plaza. Late afternoons are a good time to take your blanket and listen to some music outside before you head to the library to study. Hammocks like the ones some students set up here, are optional but not re quired.

This is Lake Wauberg.

Lake Wauberg is one of the funnest places in town. Weekend days here are a blast, with opportunities for kayaking, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. Take a trip with your friends on a Saturday and you won't regret it. No stress of long lines at a movie theater or waiting at a restaurant. Pack lunches and a book and enjoy the sun by the lake with your friends. The only downside is that Lake Wauberg isn't on campus so getting there may be a bit harder. It's worth it though.