Meditation: Ultimate Relaxation

This is a picture of a woman doing yoga.

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Meditation is an ancient method of clearing your mind and focusing on feeling calm and peaceful. The most common types of meditation are concentrative meditation (focusing on an image or on your breathing for example) and mindful meditation (not focusing on one thing but being aware of your thoughts), according to WebMD. People who meditate usually sit quietly for about 15 minutes and breathe slowly and methodically. Meditation is a good way to lower stress and anxiety. Doing some breathing exercises is an excellent idea right before an exam or when you feel like you're about to snap into a million pieces.


The practice of yoga began in India over 3,000 years ago, says Nemours' Teens Health Web site. There are several different types of yoga and they all mostly concentrate on a lifestyle as a whole, not just the physical aspect of it.You can go to a yoga class at a gym or rent a DVD at the library. Grab a mat or a thick blanket and slip on some stretch pants and you're ready to go.