Exercise: Move your body

When you think of intense abdominal exercises, squats and weightlifting, relaxation may not be the first word that comes to mind. But exercise really is a great way to clear your mind off of your worries and just have fun.

Watch the video of these two students to hear how they enjoy exercise.

When you exercise you release endorphins, chemicals that help you feel more positive, happy, and energetic, according to WebMD. Regular physical activity is good for your heart, decreases stress and helps your self-esteem soar. With so many options on campus like group fitness classes at the gyms and intramural sports, working out couldn't be easier."

Here is some advice. Do something fun! If you are going to dread your workout, you're only adding another stressful activity to your life. Exercise with your friends.Let your mind be completely void of any worries. Focus on each movement your body makes. So lace up your tennis shoes and start stretching!