This is a picture of Erin Heffernan at the beach

Benefits: Relaxing is good for your mind, body and soul

Over time, stress can be damaging to your immune system, your stomach and your heart. Stress causes excessive worry, frustration and mood swings. As a college student, it may seem that stress is unavoidable. But the point isn't to avoid all stress, it's to not let it consume your life.

Relaxation is a vital instrument for keeping stress in check and taking care of yourself all around. Relaxing keeps your mind sharp by clearing away the clutter of fear, doubt and anger, even if only for a short period. Making sure you have enough time to relax each day is part of a healthy lifestyle. The smart thing to do is to not let relaxation take a backseat to other priorities in your life.

We will never get these years back. So we might as well enjoy the journey and try our best to just breathe, even in the midst of mounds of homework and in the face of a completely booked calendar.

The photo is of Erin Heffernan, 19, at Daytona Beach.