"Government, at all levels, whether it be local, state or federal, affects the daily lives of all individuals. While it may be difficult for a single person to change how government runs, there can be a collective effort to make things happen."

---Daniel A.Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Florida

What's All This Ruckus About?

You've heard all about them. They come adorned in starch-pressed suits, hijack your nightly news broadcasts, raid newspaper space and steal any remaining flickers of spotlight.

They make you laugh; they make you cry. They can make you believe in humanity again or make you want to punch a small child in sheer rage. Sometimes they mean well, but other times they can seem just mean.

"They" are the United States federal government and they appear larger than life.

But how does the federal government work? Do they cast lots, have steel-cage matches or meet in an underground and come up with sinister plots to launch against the Justice League?

After touring this site, you'll be able to go up to tell the difference between stars n'stripes and stare decisis. Men will tremble at the sight of you, women will gaze and statues will bow at the presence of your knowledge. Thanks to this three-ring circus of knowledge, you'll have the tools to combat that guy at the office who thinks he's Captain CNN and render him powerless.

So step right up and witness the creature that is your United States federal government!