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Due to certain tragic circumstances, all video tutorials have been lost! In order to make up for this catastrophe, please accept these supplementary tips on film making and editing until the video tutorials can be reshot.

The biggest secret to capturing good audio is having a good audio recorder or microphone, and that's not really a secret, now is it?

Brett Pokorny, owner of Naughty Popcorn, makes use of the H2 Zoom, an audio recorder, interface and microphone. It delivers studio quality sound and can pick up a pin dropping on the other side of a carpeted room. It costs $160.

While the H2 Zoom is amazing, there is a plethora of cheaper audio devices on the market that can be used to record usable audio.

Once you have your audio recorder, make sure to get a wind screen if you are recording outside. Find out its range and record accordingly, keeping the microhone out of the picture.

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