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Due to certain tragic circumstances, all video tutorials have been lost! In order to make up for this catastrophe, please accept these supplementary tips on film making and editing until the video tutorials can be reshot.

The key to capturing good footage is most obviously in the camera.

There are certain things to consider when choosing a camera. Some of those things are convenience, price and quality.

Some cameras, like flip cams, are very convenient. They can fit in your palm as well as your pocket, take over an hour of footage and plug straight into your computer. The one problem with these convenient cameras is not so much the quality of the footage as the shakiness of the footage. Without proper stabilization, footage will be utterly useless unless you have hands steady enough to do brain surgery on a fly.

Price is a major factor in that some amateur film makers have a very limited budget. The whole deal with price is your willingness to compromise quality for spending. There is the rare occasion on which you will find something of high quality for a small price, however more often than not a high quality camera is going to come at a high price.

Quality goes hand in hand with price and with purpose. If you just want a camera to record family events, you might not mind a grainy picture so much. However if you are getting a camera to make videos that are submitable to contests, you may want to hash out the extra cash that will be needed to pay for a high quality picture.

In order to capture a good image, try not to move the camera very much if at all. Closer shots are generally better and, of course, observe the rule of thirds.

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