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The following video is more than likely in no way accurate as to the origins of film. It is strictly for entertainment purposes. It contains overacted representations of several - not all - genres in the film industry from throughout history.

As far as we here at Naughty Popcorn are concerned, film has been one of the best things to hit the Earth since life itself.

Whether or not one actually knows its origins, film is something that can be shared and enjoyed by most everyone in it's viewing, conception, shooting and editing.

Film has progressed at an incredibly fast rate from silent, to black and white, to color and more recently to a version of 3d that does not strain the eyes and even. Sooner than you know it, the movies could potentially become virtual reality simulations.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We here at Naughty Popcorn believe that the future of the film industry is in the third dimension. While movies are becoming more and more technologically advanced at speeds that challenge the barriers of time itself, they are getting more and more expensive at an equally alarming rate.

while this is a hinderance to many, 3d movies have an incredible potential to revolutionize the film industry in how far they have come since red and blue plastic film glasses.

As far as the third dimension is concerned - in the eyes of Naughty Popcorn that is - there is no escaping its eventual takeover of the film industry.

All of the music used in the making of this video can be found on the Incompetech Web site.

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