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In its inception, Naughty Popcorn was designed to be a tool for the striving artist, whether starving in Hollywood or jamming in a garage. The site would offer a number of services, including but not limited to competitive submission (music, literature, etc. that would be judged and voted on by a panel and displayed on the site accordingly), a "goodies" page (fans could purchase Naughty Popcorn T-shirts, mugs and other related items) and video tutorials on how to better yourself in whatever your artistic interest(s) may be.

Until a larger fan base for the Naughty Popcorn Corporation can be recognized, the site will mainly consist of video tutorials, interviews and a brief video history of the film industry.

On the "Interviews" page, there are - yes, you guessed it - interviews. It is there that local amateur film makers and enthusiasts voice their opinions and recount their experiences in the world of amateur film making.

On the "Tutorials" page, there are video tutorials that allow beginning film makers to expand their knowledge and properly shoot and edit film and audio. These videos will mainly discuss use of the iMovie HD and Garageband softwares, both free and easy to utilize for Macintosh users.

The "History" page portrays a brief video history of the film industry and an interpretation of where we here at Naughty Popcorn believe that industry is headed. This page is pretty much for those who have extra time on their hands.

About the Naughty Popcorn Mascot: Colonel Mischief brings the image of Naughty Popcorn to life in his efforts to cause chaos and leave frustration in his wake. Up to no good, the colonel will be the focus of most purchasable items (Naughty Popcorn related) that are offered in the future.

Kernel Mischief Concept

For more information about the Naughty Popcorn site and/or corporation, feel free to contact Brett Pokorny