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My name is Brett Pokorny. I am the current owner and operator of the Naughty Popcorn Web site and Corporation. If you know how you reached this site, good. If you do not know how you got here... You may very well have stumbled into a pot of gold, my friend.

Naughty Popcorn offers a number of goods and services to the amateur filmmaker. Due to certain circumstances, some of the site's future goods and services will not be available for quite some time. Naughty Popcorn will, however, still offer a number of useful things.

By clicking the "Tutorials" link, you will find a number of video tutorials on how to properly shoot and edit footage and audio for your amateur project. By clicking the "History" link, you will find a video portraying a brief history of the film industry as well as where we here at Naughty Popcorn believe that industry is headed in the near future. By clicking the "Interviews" link, you will find a number of interviews with local amateur film makers about their experiences in collecting and editing film. By clicking the "About" link you find more information about the Naughty Popcorn Web site and corporation as it is now, as it is envisioned and as it will be (perspectively) in the future.

The editing tutorials for this site are aimed toward Macintosh users as they only apply to using the iMovie HD and Garageband softwares for video and audio editing.

***If you have questions about Naughty Popcorn and what it has to offer, please contact Brett Pokorny***