Playing with Your Pooch


It's a fact. Dogs love to play. Whether it's fetching, biting, gnawing or chasing, dogs are active animals who love to be playful. Playing and exercise are essential to a dog's well-being, both physically and mentally. Also, the more you play with your dog, the more he will grow to love you. dog grabbing frisbee Dogs bring out the kid in people, so have fun, let loose and play with your pooch.

Be sure to get your dogs toys. Chew toys are not only fun for your pooch but they can also clean teeth, offer health benefits and keep your dog busy. Toys are especially important for puppies. Since they are teething, they need to chew something. If you don't want it to be your couch or your new pair of shoes, get him a few toys he can destroy instead.

dog on surfboard