As you may or may not know, there are many misconceptions surrounding feminism and feminists in particular. Contrary to what you may have seen, read or heard about in the media; feminists are not overbearing, ball-busting, men-hating, anti-family, lesbian succubi. In fact, only one of these is true. You'll have to figure out which one yourself.
In honor of all the fools out there who believe feminists are one dimensional airheads, I would like to present my

Top Ten list of Stupid Feminist Stereotypes

  1. Feminists hate families
  2. Feminists hate men
  3. All feminists are lesbians.
  4. All feminists are ugly
  5. Feminists hate stay-at-home moms
  6. All feminists are women
  7. All feminists believe in the exact same thing.
  8. Feminists are always angry
  9. All feminists are mouthy b**ches who won't shut up and get you a beer
  10. We only want to dissolve patriarchy so that we can establish a matriarchy! *Evil laugh*

For more on stereotypes surrounding feminists let's turn to conservative political activist and stereotype-ologist Phyllis Schlafly. As this Think Progress video will reveal, Schafly blames feminism for many of society's ills.

As the above video shows, feminism can be a very divisive issue. This means that it's going to get a lot of media attention, which can be a good or bad thing. Articles about feminism range from the critical to the favorable