The Feminists in Your Neighborhood


I happen to be involved in a group called Code Pink: Women for Peace. Code Pink is a women-initiated grassroots humanitarian organization that is dedicated to ending the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus all future wars, in order to redirect the money spend there to domestic issues like healthcare, public education and Social Security.
Although Code Pink is anti-war, it is pro-soldier. Many of the women who started the national Code Pink have sons and daughters in the military.
The Gainesville and University of Florida chapters of Code Pink have been very active in the local scene and plan to continue fighting for the issues we believe are important for our community. Meet some the wonderful people involved in the group who are very proud to call themselves feminists.

Michelle Harris, President, Campus Code Pink for Peace at UF

Friends of Wild Iris

Wild Iris Books offers a wide range of books related to feminist topics.

Wild Iris Books, pictured at left, is a new-age/feminist bookstore located in downtown Gainesville, Florida. Their books deal with a wide-range of topics including feminism, culutral studies, spirituality, tarot, wicca, queer studies, the paranormal and much more.

The store features frequent open mic nights, psychic readings, a cafe stocked with wine and beer and books by local authors.

Other than being an awesome place to relax and read, Wild Iris is also active in the local LGBT community. The store's owners and patrons often participate in local rallies, parades and festivals.