Causes, Concerns and Movements

Feminists are as diverse as any group of people. Values, beliefs and causes vary from person to person. Below are just a handful of the many items that feminists have been known to concern themselves with. Also, included are links to organizations that work to solve these issues.

Ending Domestic Violence and Abuse
You may not realize it, but the vast majority of people know a women who has been the victim of domestic violence. And because this is such as widespread issue that disproportionately affects women (yes, men can also be victims of spousal abuse) it is one that receives a lot of attention from the feminist community. Amnesty International is one of the many organizations that deals with domestic abuse towards women.
Reproductive Rights
Ensuring that every woman was the ability to make the best decisions for herself and her family regarding reproduction is a big issue in the feminist community. This doesn't mean that every feminist wants free abortion parties for all women, but instead being able to consider all available options without restriction from the government or anyone else. The Center for Reproductive Rights is one group that is working to advance reprooductive rights for women nationally and internationally.
Equal Pay and Maternity Leave
It doesn't seem to make much sense that two people who do the exact same work, in equal conditions with identical experience may not make the same amount of money. And while there are a ton of variables that can be considered when looking at a situation like this, most of the time the difference boils down to gender. Also, workers in fields that are typically dominated by women, like cleaning services, nursing and food service; are more likely to be low-wage, no-benefit, underappreciated jobs. This is despite that fact that they are services that nearly everyone utilizes. To learn more about this issue, check out The National Committee on Pay Equity.
Ecological Protection
Also known as eco-feminism, this is a movement that connects the subordination of women with the deprivation of nature. The ideology claims that patriarchy has oppressed not only women and minorities, but also the environment and even men. The current system, it says, treats people, land and animals only as resources available for consumption. The Web site for the Women's Environmental Network has a lot of great information on eco-feminism.
Legal and Economic Autonomy
This is less of a concern in the United States now than in other regions, specifically in Asia, South America and Africa. But there are several organizations in Europe, North America and even in these other regions that are dedicated to providing women with more rights to property and in marriage, access to health care and legal representation. These are just a few of the many issues that The National Organization for Women deals with.