The feminists are taking over.

Feminism, A Primer

This is a site dedicated to providing the basics about feminism.
You are probably here because 1) you want to know more about feminism or 2) you are the lucky soul who gets to grade this site. Either way, welcome!

I want anyone who comes to this site to understand what feminism is all about, the history, the causes, the truths and myths and especially the wonderful people that make it what it is.

Feminism is a hotly contested word for many people. The mere whisper of the word conjures images of angry women in flannel and sensible shoes. But before the contemporary trend of politicians denouncing feminism as the destroyer of American values, there were politicians, the press and average Americans denouncing feminism as the destroyer of American values. It's true that feminism has never been particularly popular outside of those in the movement, but its efforts have been felt far beyond the front lines of activism.

We have feminists to thank for women being able to make choices for their lives and careers without coercion or discrimination, for women's right to vote, for better prenatal care and for increase access to and acceptance of contraception. So, whether or not you call yourself a feminist, chances are you've benefited from their struggle.