Some say tailgating is as old as college football itself. Alumni coming back to campus enjoy getting together with old friends and relatives over festive food and beverages. Most alumni make their tailgates family friendly as opposed to the more wild student-oriented events.

One beverage tailgating is synonymous with is beer (hence the site logo). Bud Light has gone as far as to sell a "Grooler" on their website. The grooler combines two tailgates essentials: a grill and a cooler.

Tailgating is so big in Gainesville it has its own website, Mike Herchel, one of the site's administrators, told me the Web site was started in 2008 after he and a few friends took in a trip to LSU in 2007. He and his friends had trouble finding fellow Gators to tailgate with on the road and figured "there had to be a better way." The site features now features away game tailgating guides in various rival cities, as well as Gator news, recipes, and a discussion forum.