Can't get enough? We've got you covered.

This is just the beginning of your experience with the harmonica. Once you've gotten all of this stuff down, you'll probably be asking yourself, "Now what?" Good question.


For your consideration, there is a book entitled "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing the Harmonica." If being called a complete idiot is too insulting for your taste, there is also "Harmonica for Dummies."

Of the two, I reccomend the Dummies book. It walks you through the different styles of playing the harmonica, such as country, celtic, jazz, and so on. It also provides solid musical instruction on how to read notes (something you will hate), but includes a CD with practically all the music from the book on it (which you will love).

On the Internets

There are plenty of places to find more harmonica music on the Internet. Most of them, being sneaky weasals, try to get you to pay money for it. However, there are plenty of free sites. Let it be noted that their tabs aren't nearly as good as mine.

  1. Harmonica Academy
  2. This Australian guy runs a whole harmonica academy online, and at not a bad price either. He has a free tabs section, which I have provided the link to. Notice that he also provides a track for his examples (In particular, I got the idea for "Hard Times from him. Awesome player.)

  3. Jack's Harmonica Page
  4. This site looks like three versions of Hell, but it's got good tabs on it for a wide variety of melodies on it. Poke around until you find something you like. Note that the tabs may be a bit inaccurate.

    I suggest learning "Over the Rainbow" and "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" as soon as possible, for both sound equally impressive on the harmonica.

  5. Harp

  6. Harp
  7. What these two lack in quality, they make up for in sheer quantity. Apparently somebody on these sites thought that every song in the Universe would sound good on the harmonica, no matter how complex. Trust me though, there are good bits hidden down in there. Somewhere.

  8. Harmopoint
  9. This one is written by a French/Russian/Flemish (We're not really sure) guy. Not many harmonica tabs here, but check out the virtual harmonica. It will help you as you begin practicing with more advanced techniques.