The Harmonica is Everywhere

Although you may not realize it at first, the music world is heavily influenced by an instrument that most people tend to shrug off as a toy, or something you would see a street performer playing, but not anyone else.


Harmonicazation is a Web site designed to introduce the reader to the basic methods of playing the harmonica.

© Josh Nederveld 2009

Think again. Rock n' roll, blues, jazz, and other genres traditionally use harmonica riffs often, whether to provide a rythym, or to shape the song itself.

Songs like "Love Me Do" from the Beatles, or "Piano Man" by Billy Joel are remembered because of the recognizable harmonica part in the songs.

Unlike many other instruments, the harmonica is extraordinarily cheap. Most beginning models only cost about $20.

In addition to being affordable, it is also very transportable. Stick it in your pocket, and you can take it anywhere you like.

Most importantly, the harmonica is easy to learn, with the right amount of practice. It's perfect for playing on the back porch, or while you're sitting around a campfire.

Many people begin playing the harmonica only to give up in frustration. To avoid this, surround yourself with loving friends and family. If loving friends and family are unavailable, then I suggest finding someone else who enjoys the harmonica as much as you do.