Settling In

Happy Mover

You survived moving day and are steps away from the finish line! The problem with moving is that just when you think you are done, something else happens. Here are some common problems that new renters encounter:

The house is not in the shape you agreed upon with your landlord. AND they aren't returning your calls.

Unfortunately, this is common. If you got the agreement in writing do not hesitate to remind the landlord of your contract, when you get a hold of them that is. If you didn't, or that still doesn't help, you have options. You can research the Landlord and Tenate Statute of your state on Bad Landlords. The law language can be difficult to understand, read The Associated Content's A Guide for College Students on How to Handle Bad Landlords to get a simple overview of your rights as a renter. You can contact Housing Counseling Services, Inc. and schedule a meeting to resolve your landlord issues if the problem continues.

You get a code violation. Whoops.

How were you supposed to know there was a certain place to put your trash cans? Code enforcements vary from city to city. Google your county's code enforcements so you are not caught off gaurd. Noise violations are part of college life. Most of the time you are not going to run into serious problems from code violations. But noise violations get more expensive the more you get. To be safe, let your neighbors know before you throw a party. Give them your number and tell them to call you before they call the cops.

All these different bills are hard to keep track of!

Get a wall calendar and record the due dates as soon as the bills come. If you have roommates, delegate. One person can handle collecting money and paying for the rent, another for utilities, etc. Not only will your bills get paid but this makes it so one person doesn't get stuck doing all the work.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

The FOR RENT sign is in storage. There isn't a cardboard box in sight. You are the proud new renter of your first house. Congratulations!

There is one more step in the process that you must complete as a resposible college student:

The housewarming party!