THE Move


Move in day is here! And it brought along an assortment of unforseen obstacles and a hefty load of stress with it.You can't prepare for everything but you can make it a little easier on yourself by knowing what you're up against. Check the forecast and schedule moving time around inclimate weather if possible. Here are a few moving methods to choose from:


Since it's your first house, you haven't accumulated as much "stuff" as your parents have. If you're moving a short distance it's not too hard to make multiple trips.


  • Cheap
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Rest time during the drive


  • Time consuming
  • Multiple trips
  • Less room for big objects

Hint: Talk your friends and significant other(s) into helping. Preferably ones who drive pick-up trucks.

Moving Vans

Renting a van is very practical if you are moving a long distance or have a lot of furniture.UHAUL has nearly 15,950 moving centers across the country and chances are one of them is nearby.


  • One trip
  • Dollies are available
  • Simple rental procedures


  • Rental fees
  • Set drop off times(or late fees)
  • Liability for the vehicle

HINT: Go in on a big van with your roommates. Just make sure you have time to load and unload everybody's belongings before you need to return it.

Hired Movers

You can hire a moving company or some friends if you're really against physical labor. Moving companies will require some capital. Your friends might be okay with pizza and beer as compensation.



  • Less stress
  • Easy
  • No heavy lifting


  • Time spent hiring movers
  • Expensive
  • Possible damage to your belongings

HINT: If you are fortunate enough to have friends that will move you in exchange for beer, give it to them AFTER the job is done.

QUICK TIP: The way you unpack makes a big difference. First, unpack the bathroom. It's unavoidable, you need this room to function first. The shower at the end of the day will be worth it. Second, work on the kitchen. When it comes time to take a dinner break you will be happy that you don't have to fish through boxes. Plus it doesn't take very long and will help you feel like you're making progess. Next, set your bed up so you can crash if you need to. But don't spend too much time on your room. Work on the areas of the house where there is more traffic so you're not crawling over boxes for the next week. These steps are set up to make your house "homier" quickly and give you access the essentials.