Making Your House A Home

You're about to see out a huge difference in renting a house and living in an apartment or dorm. There is a lot of initial set up work involved with a house. Most of the time, apartments offer all inclusive deals while houses do not. You're going to have to make a lot of decisions, but you can do this! Here are some options:

Confused Person


Craigslist is your friend. It can be an incredibly useful resource for finding reasonably priced furniture. Students who are moving or graduating often want to get rid of their furniture quickly and with as little effort as possible. Check the site frequently, kind of like you do your Facebook. Good deals go fast. It can take a while to find furniture you like that is still available by the time you inquire about it. Again, don't procrastinate.

Never underestimate the value of moving sales or curbside giveaways. People sometimes post Curbside alerts furniture in the Free section on Craigslist.

Don't be afraid to haggle. If the seller is in a hurry to get rid of the furniture they are likely to take a lower offer. Go with the money in hand but test your luck baragining before you fork it over.

QUICK TIP:Accumulating a couple of cheap or free couches will save you some cash. You can disguise them as a matching set by covering them with couch covers. Wal-Mart's Web site sells couch covers for as low as $24.99.

Lights, Water, Wastewater, Oh My.

Utilities aren't usually included either. Find out who your city's utility company is. Companies like GRU in Gainesville, Florida handle everything from your water to trash pick up.

Create an account on your company's web site and read about their start up services. GRU only requires one business day to set up a new account. But unless you want to risk spending the first night in your house without light, don't put this off. Be prepared to pay a start up fee. Most of the time utility rates are standard for everyone. The only decision you will have to make is what size trash can you need. Bigger cans are more expensive.

Vist their web site and save their number to your phone. This way it will only take a simple call to turn on your power.

Internet isn't included either?!

Does all this work make you miss apartment living? Hang in there!

You have a lot of options when it comes to televison and cable. If you will be living with roommates, come to a compromise that fits everyone's needs.Shop Around. You will have to take some time and do the math if you want the best deal.

Get feedback from your friends about the companies they use. Make reliable customer service a priority. You don't want to get stuck without internet the day of an exam.

QUICK TIP:Some companies offer exclusive internet only deals. This can be a way to save money but watch out for hidden fees! For example, some web deals seem less expensive but fail to mention they don't include all the cable boxes you need. To avoid this, call the company and talk to a real person about it. Ask how many boxes are needed per television and about any seperate costs.