Scope Out Events

In general, events seem to be frowned upon when it comes to Reporting class. For a lot of lab instructors, it’s harder to get a good grade when writing about an event. However, sometimes your hard-news feature falls through and you need something by deadline. Other times, you find a really interesting event that goes under the radar. Events are definitely useful when you need a last-minute story. They’re also good for more descriptive writers who like to set a scene and write about the atmosphere of an event.

Your deadline will most likely be much sooner if you cover an event.

Because events are spot news, most lab instructors require that you turn it in the next day instead of in the next Reporting lab. This requires you to write the story pretty much right after you attend the event.

Events are worth writing if you find a good one to cover. You can write about events you think a lot of people will go to or that hold particular significance in the community. However, you’ll probably have a lot of competition when it comes to getting published because so many people will know about it. A lot of the time, the best event stories are about happenings that few people know about but are still engaging.

How do you find these events? Going back to the “Listening” section, look at fliers and other advertisements. Also, when you start discovering what kind of companies and organizations hold regular events, bookmark their Web sites and check back often. They might hold an event that they don’t advertise in the newspaper. And don’t forget to listen to the people around you! Find out what events your friends are attending and if those clubs/organizations will be holding any other interesting events in the future. One story can always link to another!