2004 Olympic Men's Singles Final Match

This match is between Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia and Shon Seung Mo of South Korea. (Hidayat won the gold)
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Olympic Badminton

According to the Badminton World Federation, badminton became an official Olypic sport in 1992 at the Olympic games in Barcelona. Olympic badminton includes singles games, all-female doubles games, all-male doubles games, and mixed doubles games consisting of both men and women.

Rules from the Badminton Olympic Games in 2008

The games are single-elimination. A match is the best of three games. All games are played to 21 points with rally scoring. A team must win by 2 points, so if the score becomes 20-all, the game becomes the first to 22. This pattern continues until the score is 29-all, and then the winner is the first team to 30 points.

Only five counties have won Olympic gold medals in badminton.

Individual Winners of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

Men's Doubles: Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia

Men's Singles: Lin Dan of China

Women's Doubles: Du Jing and Yu Yang of China

Women's Singles: Zhang Ning of China

Mixed Doubles: Lee Hyojung and Lee Yongdae of South Korea

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