Badminton's History

The game of badminton has a lengthy history under several different names. Badminton has derived from the game battledore and shuttlecock, which is estimated to have began about 2000 years ago in areas of Europe and Asia. The game had the shuttle and a racket-like device but no net. The participants just hit the shuttle back and forth.

The game changed names again in the 1800's in India where it was called "Poon" and a net was added. British officers stationed in India took the game home with them where it became extremely popular. During this time, it became known as "badminton".

From England, badminton spread across the world. At first it was a man's sport, but now women play as well. It became an Olympic sport in 1992. It is now played using a net, a shuttlecock, rackets, and 2 to 4 players.

*Information for this page came from Badminton World Federation and The History of Badminton