About the Author


Hi All! My name is Melissa Mahadeo, and I created this Web site for a Communication on the Internet course, MMC3260, that I am taking at the University of Florida. Let me preface this excerpt by saying that prior to this course I knew nothing, and I honestly mean nothing, about how to build a Web site.

For the final project of this course our assignment was to build an explanatory Web site, so I decided I should really put the effort in an build a site on something I love that, like html and CSS, I know nothing about how to make. This is why I decided on making a Web site dedicated to Pumpkin Pies and pies in general.

I absolutely love pies! In my world, pies are a perfect solution to almost any dinner occasion. However, prior to this project, I too was oblivious to how any of those perfectly circular, unbelievably satisfying desserts were made. This is an amateur Web site that offers a step-by-step explanation on how to make a few very traditional yet classic pies that all revolve around the same pumpkin theme. The star of these pies, the pumpkin pie, is my favorite pie ever made, so please feel free to try this recipe as well as the others offered on this site. However, if you find you are tired of the traditional pumpkin pie, then treat your tasted buds to a pumpkin infused variation such as the custard pumpkin pie. All of my recipes are brought to you by Food Network so trust me when I say these pies are heaven sent.

Should you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at mello@ufl.edu.
Thanks and good luck on your baking adventures!