Watch out! This
zombie is hungry


Before and
After Shot of Steven Newton

They rise from the dead and lumber around in a hunger-fueled stupor, searching for the living as they rot. Ghastly and ghoulish, they are our enemies, but they were once us. One bite and your join the limitless ranks of undead that roam the earth. They are zombies. And this is how you make them…using Photoshop.

A few years ago I started a tradition around Halloween where I would take pictures of my friends and morph them into grotesque zombies. It has been three years, and I keep the tradition alive by creating zombies gorier and more entertaining than the year before. The zombies I make have always been a treat for those made undead and every one else who sees them. Now it’s your turn.

This Web site will offer and easy step-by-step guide on how to zombify your friends using simple Photoshop techniques. I will also go into the history of zombies and how to survive incase the dead decide to rise.

Be warned. Some people may find these zombies a bit too extreme. Viewer discretion is advised, but understand that these are merely illustrations made to be funny, not to offend.

To start the tutorial, click the link below.


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