Your 20 Week Running Routine


Just a Heads Up

Running a marathon will take a lot of dedication on your part. In order to prepare you body to run 26.2 miles, you will want to have about five months to train. Broken down into weekly routes, this schedule will help you to gradually build up your endurance. You will want to run five days of the week, while resting or doing some type of cross training activity the other two days. Simply rest one day in order to let your body take a break and recover.

Cross Training

On those three days in which you do not run, you will want to fill the void with an alternate type of exercise. You may choose to bike, swim, kayak or perform any other type of physical activity that will get your heart rate up and that you can have fun with. Mixing it up and trying new things will help prevent you from getting burned out with running.

Here is a list of different cross training activites that are beloved by runners. Whatever you chose to do, be sure to stay safe and avoid injury!

Girls Jogging