Get Geared Up!

All You Really Need

Dry Fit Shirt

One of the best things about having running for a hobby is that you don't have much equipment to buy. You probably already have plenty of t-shirts, but I recommend investing in a few dry fit shirts. They are light-weight and help keep you cool.

Running Shorts

A good pair of running shorts will have built-in underwear. If you've never worn a pair before, it may feel a little strange at first. Don't worry, you get used to it. No one likes a weggie while running! Also included is a small pocket to hold a key. This definitely comes in handy since you'll be away from your house or car for up to a few hours when you take your long runs.

Finding the Perfect Shoe

Running Shoes

Buying a good pair of shoes is where you will spend the most time and money on your running equipment. Invest in a good pair that you are sure are right for you. Wear them only for running, do not machine wash them, and do your best to keep them dry! Some popular brands among runners include:

Keep these things in mind when picking out your shoes
  • Buy them from a small store and have a shoe sale expert help figure out your arch.
  • You need space (about 1/2 an inch) between the toe of your shoe and your longest toe.
  • Shoe soles can start breaking down near around 400 miles of wear.
  • You'll probably want to have more than one pair.
  • Purchase a new pair about 5 weeks before you run the actual marathon.
  • After finding a shoe that you love, you can simply reorder the same pair from your retailer or online.