So you want to run a Marathon...

Boy Running

Good for you!

A marathon is 26.2 miles and you want to run it for the first time. You are between the vital and eager ages of 18 and 25, running around 20 miles a week. You are a modest runner seeking a challenge and a sense of accomplishment. Desiring to test your ability and reach your fullest potential, you are willing to train physically and mentally to tackle this feat and come out a triumphant long distance runner. You want to be a part of the 1 % of the population who has completed such a race and you are ready to start moving towards this goal today.

If you found yourself becoming inspired, nodding your head in agreement, and itching to lace up your running shoes, you are in the right place. If not, try to get inspired, and muster up the moxie in you!

Here you will find a training plan starting with the most basic steps for beginning runners. This site intends to provide you with the inspiration and information you need to adequately prepare your body to complete a 26.2 mile road race. You will be guided with a twenty-week training schedule of various runs, tips to keep you motivated, information on gear and equipment, nutrition, recovery, hydration, and ways to avoid injury. Also, explore the history of the marathon and the benefits of being a long distance runner.

With input from marathon finishers, shoe sale experts and running coaches, you can become informed and confident in your ability. Get ready to take to take on the challenge!