Party Budget

miamiA dinner party is a great way to network, mingle and have fun with family and friends. You can host a perfect dinner party without having to empty out your back account. Once your determine how much you can afford to spend on your dinner party, make sure to stick to your budget. Make sure to decide how many people to invite and what foods will be served. It's always good to plan ahead because this will help you avoid costly, last minute purchases when you buy food a week before the party. It is also good to review weekly grocery store flyers to find out what is on sale. This is a good way to get discounts on expensive brands. Make sure to prepare early and keep the menu simple. For example, a tossed green salad and spaghetti with garlic bread will make a nice meal. Not only that, rice, potatoes, pasta, or beans make great inexpensive side dishes. You can also save money by decorating with candles and inexpensive flowers.

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