A Local's Guide to Jacksonville


Hi! My name is Katey LaMee, and I'm here to give you a brief look at Jacksonville, Fla. On first glance, the largest city in area in the continental United States can seem daunting. But don't be fooled! With a little help from this site, you will be sure to have a great time while visiting.


In 1562, a small group of French Huguenots built a settlement called Fort Caroline on the south bank of the St. Johns River. The settlement was just a few miles up river from where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The fort was destroyed by the Spanish in 1565. The Spanish then established Fort San Mateo, site of the former Fort Caroline. The Spanish held the territory until 1763, when Spain gave control over to the British. The British worked to develop the land, but only 20 years later the Spanish reclaimed the area. In 1821, the United States took over Florida and marked it as a U.S. territory.