Goldfish Care

Goldfish are quite avid eaters. They can eat anything ranging from dried pellets, flakes, bloodworms, and in some cases, shelled peas.

Because these fish can eat so readily, they will often produce more waste.

Goldfish will only consume as much food as they can eat in three to four minutes. The rest will be left to devour later or become pollution in the tank.This page will give you an idea on how to care for your lovely swimmer.

Allysen filling up her 10-gallon fish tank at home

Goldfish are probably the least expensive pets to own and the easiest to kill. College students who purchase these shimmery swimmers over Fido, the dog or Fluffy, the cat to avoid all the time it takes to care for those four-legged creatures.

But what students may not realize is that despite their seemingly short life span, gold fish can live for a long time. If given the proper care and attention, some goldfish can live two years or longer.

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