Online Dance Shoe Stores


Every type of dance has its own type of shoe. Each one is designed to perform very differently from any others. Therefore, it is very important to buy shoes specific to the form of dance you want to practice. Out of common sense, you wouldn't try to do ballet in a loud tap shoe. It is the same for all other dance forms.

To take ballet, you must first begin with a pair of ballet slippers. They can come both in leather and cloth and in many different colors. The safest bet is probably a pair of pink slippers, but it is always best to check with your studio before making a purchase. Another type of shoe used for ballet is the point shoe. In order to get the best shoe for your foot, go to a dance store that has someone there with a broad knowledge of point shoes who can help you out. Pointe shoes can be very dangerous especially if you have not been trained to wear them. Wait until a dance instructor tells you it is okay to wear them.

Other dance forms also have their own types of shoes. For jazz, you would buy jazz shoes, for tap, tap shoes, and for hip-hop, many dancers wear sneakers. In modern dance, a lot of dancers go barefoot but some wear what is called a foot thong. It is worn up around the toes and covers only the ball of the foot. It enables a dancer to turn better than they might be able to while barefoot.